Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 16: Special Equipment

16.015 Title Only (VC §§4010 and 36100)

A “title only” may be issued for implements of husbandry which are only incidentally operated or moved over a highway (VC §§36000 through 36017), special construction equipment (VC §§565 and 570), and special mobile equipment (VC §575) which are exempt from registration or required to display an SE identification (ID) plate.

The following must be submitted:

  • A completed REG 343.
  • A Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form.
  • A photograph of the vehicle and/or equipment.
  • Proof of ownership y any bills of sale needed to establish a complete chain of ownership.
  • For new vehicles — a REG 256 or bill or sale, on which the seller states: “I hereby certify that I am authorized by (company) to sell the above described vehicle.” or the dealer’s invoice (certification not needed if the invoice on the dealer’s letterhead shows the seller is authorized to sell vehicle).
  • The title only fee shown in Appendix 1F.

A licensed dealer selling SE vehicles must complete a report of sale as usual.