Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 16: Special Equipment

16.025 Truck Tractor/Semitrailer Combination Modular Mover (VC §§36012 and 36101)

A “modular mover” includes a truck tractor in combination with a semitrailer that is equipped with a self-loading bed and is designed and used exclusively to transport a cotton module to a cotton gin. These vehicles are issued an SE plate from the series beginning with SE800000. They are exempt from the vehicle license fee (VLF) and weight fee, but are subject to the annual registration, law enforcement, and CHP fees.

The law specifies that to maintain the modular mover exemption:

  • The vehicle cannot be operated during the exemption period in any manner other than as a cotton module mover.
  • The exemption must be renewed annually.
  • The vehicle must be registered before it is operated as a commercial vehicle.