Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 24: Vessels

24.180 Vessels Required to be Registered in California

The following vessels must be registered: (CVC §9850)

  • Jet Boards
  • eFoils
  • Undocumented motorboats.
  • Undocumented sailboats over eight feet in length or with a motor.
  • Amphibious vehicle/vessels.
  • Houseboats.

Exception: A floating, stationary residential dwelling (floating home) not designed to have power of its own, dependent for utilities from a source on shore, and which has a permanent sewage hookup on shore (VC §9840).

  • Inflatable vessels with motors.
  • Personal watercraft ski-type vessels (for example, jet ski or wet bike).
  • Shuttle craft. A shuttle craft is a full-size, open bow, jet boat similar to a barge. It is powered and steered by a personal watercraft.